Reporting on the END Outbreak in CA since October 8, 2002
The END Quarantine was lifted in California on September 16, 2003. These pages will remain for historical purposes. See further links in regard to the Quarantine removal.
There is a serious outbreak of Exotic Newcastle Disease in Southern California which originated in fighting gamecock and was recognized in late September, 2002. Gamecock fighting itself is illegal in the State of California. Since many things have changed since we began this site, if you are a first time visitor, please see our original introduction message which has been moved for the convenience of our repeat visitors.

Those who own any birds should be very aware of not only the story as it unfolds but all precautions you can take to protect your own birds. Do not take this lightly! This is deadly with a mortality rate of 90-95%!

Precautions for Bird Owners

First of all, according to CDFA, California Department of Food and Agriculture, there is NO vaccine! Although there is a vaccine against Newcastle Disease, it is NOT effective against Exotic Newcastle Disease. This disease is highly transmissible.

Do NOT take your birds out of your homes to any location. Do NOT allow them outdoors. Make a spray bottle of Clorox diluted at a 1:32 ratio and carry this with you in your vehicle and spray at least your shoes and hands EACH TIME before you enter your vehicle and your home or any other premises where any birds are kept. Do not simply change shoes since you could be placing your contaminated shoes back into your vehicle. Remember the virus can be anywhere since it is easily carried on one's shoes and the people whose birds may be infected have to shop for groceries and all other items just as we do. Ask that all visitors to your home spray their shoes and hands with a Clorox mixture before they enter your home.* Use a clean, filled footbath at all entrances. Make yourself aware of any symptoms and report them to the proper authorities immediately.

Keep your birds at home! Personally stay away from any gathering where any birds may be present. Do NOT bring in any new birds from unfamiliar areas. Do not allow any "stray" or wandering fowl onto your property. Be sure you have it securely fenced to prevent this, large dogs on your property will be of help.

* Nolvasan may also be used as directed to make up a mixture. It can be used on clothes, shoes, your hair, etc. and will not stain unless water does.

  • We have extensive biosecurity info here for you. Please read it all carefully and keep your birds safe!
    Biosecurity Link (Eng/Span Upd Apr 08, 2003)
  • URGENT - If Your Premise is Placed Under Quarantine

    If you are placed under quarantine your appeal period is most often as short as 24 hours. The number you must call immediately to appeal is supposed to be on the quarantine notice. If it is not or you are having problems, use the number listed (here) making it very clear you are calling in order to appeal the quarantine. Do NOT delay!

    It appears that there is no way to appeal a KILL notice, therefore, you MUST appeal the quarantine notice even though the quarantine notice may not appear to have a large effect on you. The best way to safeguard yourself is to not allow anyone on your property without a court order.

    If you own any exotic birds which you keep inside your house, you should consider alternative housing for any outside birds you may own. The theory behind this is that we have only heard of them killing inside birds if the person also has outside birds under their care would could become infected. This may not assist any breeders with outside aviaries but it may help those who keep exotics inside and have just a few chickens, etc. in their yards. In these cases, do NOT allow entry into your home or property without a court order.

    Be sure that your property is clearly posted with NO ENTRY or NO TRESSPASSING signs and with a note saying that you will volunteer samples for testing collected by your own veterinarian for the Task Force. That way they may be obliged to simply wait for test results.

    Again, maintain a very high level of security so that your birds do not become infected. See Precautions above.

    Additional Advice and "Hot Zones" -     Read This
    Risk Assmts/Appeals/Quarantine  -     Read This

    Death Statistics:
    CA Birds
    CA - % Premises
    NOT Tested (1)
    CA %
    Change (1)
    NV Birds
    AZ Birds
    TX Birds
    Date Of
    3,923,678 62-63% - 2,746 269 1,871? Most Current

    Important: See "Special Notes" regarding these Stats HERE

    See CA END Statistics Page - Upd Sep 19, 2003
    See NV END Statistics Page - Last Mar 24, 2003

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