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September 16, 2003
CA END Quarantine Lifted in Full

#2 - June 10, 2003

END Email

-----Original Message-----
From: Scarlett Treviso mailto:streviso@cdfa.ca.gov]
Sent: Thursday, June 05, 2003 9:26 AM
Subject: Roosters

S.C.A.C.E.O. Orange County Members,

The Exotic Newcastle Disease Task Force would like a list of locations within Orange County that you have previously cited for too many birds on a property.

We are trying to make sure that we have covered all locations and Orange County has been a bit of a problem to get a handle on. Except for a few sick bird calls, its been fairly quiet.

So, if you could provide us with names and addresses of folks that you have cited within the last 2 years or so , we would greatly appreocate it. It will give us a better layout of locations to look.

You can reach me at 714-231-9090 (cell) and office is 949-716-8913 or my email streviso@cdfa.ca.gov.

Thank You,
Scarlett Treviso

#1 - June 10, 2003

END inspections all over the State of CA

The Task Force is conducting surveys in many areas of the State of California. Please read the media reports as there has been much in the press. (LINK)

May 08, 2003

END has been confirmed in Kern County

END has been confirmed in Kern County, CA in the Mohave/Rosamond area. Positive identification of END was made as of late May 7, 2003. This infection involved gamefowl. This information was obtained directly from Larry Cooper via a phone call from us at cocka2.com.

#2 - April 19, 2003

END has been confirmed in Texas

It has been announced that END has been confirmed in Texas. More news is upcoming. Check our States other than CA - Texas (LINK).

#2 - April 7, 2003

Task Force or Bird Theft?

In the 1970's END outbreak, there were cases of birds being stolen by persons posing as the Task Force. While we sincerely hope this is not happening, it certainly could be happening again.

If anyone from the Task Force comes to your home for a survey or ANY other reason, INSIST that they show proper ID first!

If anyone posing as the Task Force says they are going to remove birds physically from your premises with no warrant, call 911 immediately! This is a bird theft!

#1 - April 7, 2003

Poultry and Bird Disease Suspected in Texas (LINK)

March 14, 2003
Rapid END Testing

This discussion has been moved our Roving Reporter pages. (LINK)

March 13, 2003
Rapid END Testing

We are revising info in regard to this and will update on March 14, 2003.

Below is the link for the article:

February 13, 2003
CDFA Press Release

END Task Force Expands Opportunites for Home Quarantine and Isolation for Caged Birds
END Policy on Pet and Exotic Birds Housed in Cages within Enclosed Structures

February 11, 2003
Shipping Birds

Good news for breeders at long last! The USDA has started actually working on allowing breeders (and/or other persons) to ship birds out of the quarantine region.

For information on this, you need to call them and find out the procedure. The information can be found at:
or on the APHIS site at:
Both are listed in case the APHIS site is down.

Although this was announced on January 17, 2003, it has just been put into effect as of today. We have no further information as to the procedure, nor how long receiving a permit might take.

January 31, 2003

A Plea for Help by Mike & Sue Swallow

Now you know what we’ve been going through here in Norco, CA. We are preparing a national press release with some organizations and need contact information from anybody who has been threatened, lied to or been bullied into handing over their precious pets. We need first hand statements from individuals. Only when people stand up and be counted will this end.

If these government thugs come to your door, know your rights. They can’t take your pet unless they test first. Don’t let them on your property under any circumstances. They’ll talk real nice and spout a bunch of lies but don’t be fooled. They want to gas your pets. A video camera is a real deterrent for these folks. They don’t want to get caught lying. They don’t want anyone to know what they are doing. Tell the media, tell your friends, tell your elected representatives. Call everyone you can think of and tell them what’s happening. The internet is a powerful tool to reach the masses and if everyone who is being affected by this emails their senators, congressmen, and the media, they will back off.

The disease is scary, but the government is even more frightening and the worst thing we, as bird owners, can do is nothing.

NOTE: Contact information is below and is being provided by this site with full knowledge and consent of the Swallows. If you would like to read more about their plight, please use our search engine on the Main END page and enter swallow after which you can search the pages for media stories.

If you can help with the information that the Swallows need, please contact them as soon as possible. Please do not harrass them in any manner - they have been through quite enough.

Mike & Sue Swallow
Norco, CA
EMAIL the Swallows

#2 - January 24, 2003

Norco Meeting Finds very Citizens in an Uproar

Residents criticize disease task force - Owners say state officials are killing healthy birds

Incident Commander Annette Whiteford said that the official who came to Walker's residence on Thursday morning had been pulled off the Newcastle disease project.

Other local speakers at the meeting questioned whether any pet bird in the city is safe from being euthanized.

Why are they killing so many birds with NO testing?

These are quotes and headlines from media of today. Please read the many media stories about this. Search for Norco and/or Muscoy in our online media stories of January 24, 2003. (LINK) Please also see "Comments from the Norco Kill Zone" (LINK) in our Guests Section.

#1 - January 24, 2003

The END map of disease activity as of January 17, 2003 (LINK) , showed a red dot near the 10 freeway which had appeared to be near Bundy. It has been learned today that the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter is under quarantine. A sick chicken was dropped off there at an unknown time in the past, it was tested and turned over to the officials.

They are not turning away birds and anything brought in will be considered suspect, ergo turned over to the state! This is so sad, wouldn't it be just better to refuse entry of =healthy= birds?

January 16, 2003

Please see very important information regarding END in the Task Force. (LINK)

#2 - January 15, 2003

It has been confirmed that END has been found at the Irvine Animal Shelter. The Shelter is now quarantined and awaiting depopulation.

If you, or anyone you know has been there recently, be aware that you =may= have been exposed to END. This is a BIRD disease only, however, if you have adopted a cat or dog recently and do have birds of any kind at home, it would be wise to check with your local vet in regard to any precautions you should take to avoid =possibly= spreading this to your birds. At the least, you should bathe your dog or cat in a disinfectant shampoo harmless to pets, such as Nolvasan surgical scrub, followed by a good rinse.

#1 - January 15, 2003

The USDA has announced that END has been found in another commercial flock in San Bernardino County. (LINK)

January 14, 2003

The Antelope Valley Fair announces that all poultry shows for this year's Fair will be cancelled due to the Newcastle disease quarantine. (LINK) In fact, if you read this carefully, it explains that all fairs in CA have been cancelled for the year 2003. "The Division of Fairs & Expositions has requested that all Fairs in California cancel their poultry shows for the 2003 season due to the spread of Newcastle disease that has spread throughout Southern California."

January 9, 2003

We advise your reading a guest submission we received - "Poultry Products - Safe for the Bird Owner?" (LINK)

#2 - January 8, 2003

The California Regional Quarantine now applies to the following counties (in whole and not in part): Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Imperial and Orange. (LINK)

#1 - January 8, 2003

Bad for Chickens, Good for Some Egg Farmers

For smaller California producers, a poultry virus may be their way out. (LINK)

January 6, 2003

There is some confusion as to if or when Ventura County will be added to the Regional Quarantine map. Although we were told that it would be added, there are conflicting media stories. Until it is added on the CDFA web pages, it remains on a "hold" status at this writing.

January 3, 2003

Added at 2:00 AM PDT Ventura County will be added to the counties now listed in the regional quarantine zone later today after the discovery of END there. This was not in a commercial flock.

ADDITION: It has been learned that this "pet" was in the POULTRY classification.

December 31, 2002

Confirmation has been received that a feed store had been closed in Canyon County, CA due to the presence of END in stock they had for sale. While we are aware of the details, we do not feel that is proper to disclose the location at this time. (Follow Up Jan 7, 2003 - LINK)

There have been many reports that further commerical ranches have also been infected with END. Please be sure to check our Media section for as much information as is available at the present time.

December 29, 2001

The Los Angeles Daily News today reports of END in Littlerock, CA, which is also somewhat of a suburb of Palmdale, CA. (MORE)

December 28, 2001

Our sources tell us they have now quarantined locations in Lake Los Angeles, an area which is a sort of suburb of Palmdale, CA. That shows that many still are not taking this seriously enough and people are probably moving birds or having contact with other people's birds against all the warnings. The CDFA is doing a miserable job in informing all the public of the problems we face. (MORE - Dec 28)

December 28, 2001

The Press-Enterprise reports on Dec 28, 2002 that a very large chicken ranch in San Bernardino County is strongly suspected of having END. See Our Media Link for this story. They called a 100,000 bird egg ranch medium size. Just how large is "very large?" Also note that the CDFA is calling for more help from the USDA.

PLEASE note that the news below is reporting that END was first discovered in "pet birds" and this would NOT be the case in "layman's" terms. It was first discovered in gamefowl, which to the agricultural community would be pets. Therefore, it is simply a misinterpretation.


Monday, December 30, 2002

Concern grows about Exotic Newcastle disease Authorities have added a San Diego County egg ranch to the quarantine for Exotic Newcastle disease after finding a bird suspected of having it in a commercial flock near Ramona. The disease is highly contagious among birds, although it does not pose any threat to human health. If confirmed, it would make the third commercial poultry flock to be affected by the disease, which was first discovered in pet birds on Oct. 1 in Southern California. The last major outbreak in the US occurred in 1971 in California and took three years to eradicate.



Friday, December 27, 2002

Newcastle disease found in commercial poultry flock

State agricultural inspectors say they've discovered exotic Newcastle disease in a commercial poultry flock in Riverside County. More than 100,000 chickens have been destroyed as officials scramble to contain the outbreak in the quarantine zone, which includes parts of Riverside, San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties. Until now the disease had only been found in backyard bird flocks. Shipments of eggs and poultry have been halted from the quarantine area, and farmers are being urged to establish stringent rules regarding access to commercial flocks.


December 23, 2002

REF: http://www.cfbf.com/agalert/2002_xml/exotic-kc%2012-02.xml

Exotic Newcastle disease jumps to commercial flock
By Kate Campbell
Assistant Editor
An outbreak of exotic Newcastle disease has now been confirmed in a commercial poultry flock in Riverside County, triggering destruction of 100,000 egg-laying chickens and a tightening of quarantine restrictions in three Southern California counties.
“We got a disease confirmation from our lab on Saturday night,” California Department of Food and Agriculture spokeswoman Leticia Rico said. “We have two ranches that operate together and the poultry at both ranches was euthanized because the poultry on the second ranch now is considered exposed to the virus from contact with the first. The process started Sunday morning and was completed by Monday morning.”
Exotic Newcastle disease is a contagious, often fatal, viral disease that affects most species of birds. The disease causes respiratory, nervous or gastrointestinal symptoms, but birds may die without showing any signs. Some bird species can be infected and spread the disease without showing symptoms.
Among the most infectious diseases of poultry in the world, exotic Newcastle is so virulent that many birds die without showing any clinical signs. A death rate of almost 100 percent can occur in unvaccinated poultry flocks.
The disease can infect and cause death even in vaccinated poultry. An outbreak of exotic Newcastle today would severely impact the U.S. poultry industry.
California chickens had a total value of about $532 million in 2001, according to the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Major producing counties include Fresno, Merced and Stanislaus, which are not involved in the recent disease outbreak. The state’s egg production had a 2001 value of nearly $236 million.
In 1971, a major outbreak occurred in commercial poultry flocks in Southern California. The disease threatened not only the California poultry industry but also the entire U.S. poultry and egg supply.
In the outbreak 30 years ago, 1,341 infected flocks were identified, and almost 12 million birds were destroyed. Eradication efforts cost taxpayers $56 million, severely disrupted the operations of many producers, and increased prices of poultry and poultry products to consumers. The 1971 outbreak was not eradicated until 1974.
Rico said the commercial flock depopulated this week was considered medium size. Beyond the two ranches directly involved in the outbreak, she said there is another ranch nearby that is being closely monitored.
“From the state’s perspective, there will be further limitations imposed on poultry as a result of this outbreak in a commercial flock,” Rico said. “The movement of poultry from the quarantine area, which includes Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties, is suspended until further notice.”
The commercial flock was located within the already established quarantine zone and the outbreak will not lead to an expanded quarantine area. Rico said all commercial poultry operators in the quarantine area are required to report any increase in mortality in their flocks, a requirement that led to identification of a diseased bird in the Riverside flock.
Right now more than 427 persons are working to eradicate the disease in California. More than 3,650 backyard premises have been quarantined and 37,000 birds located in residential communities have been euthanized, in addition to the 100,000 birds in the commercial operation. All affected premises are being cleaned and disinfected after the birds are removed.
Rico said all bird owners, those in commercial production, as well as pet owners and hobbyists, must be on the lookout for this virulent disease. She said there must be heightened levels of biosecurity because of the virulent nature of the disease.
For more information, contact CDFA’s Animal Health Branch at (916) 654-1447 or online at www.cdfa.ca.gov. The Exotic Newcastle disease hotline number is (800) 491-1899.

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