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The Gray Book
MAF Biosecurity *
END info from the IPE Exposition **
SE Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study Vol 18 No 4 ***
AUSVETPLAN 2nd Edition 2.1, 2000
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Euthanasia Links (especially regarding Carbon Dioxide)
     Euthanasia of Poultry (PDF)
     HSUS regarding Carbon Dioxide (PDF)
     AVMA regarding Euthanasia (PDF)
* Highly recommended reading and on our site. Contains all kinds of info on END, including debunking airborne transmission and many other facts. The original is located at
** END information from the IPE Exposition in Atlanta, GA. The original is located at or if that doesn't work, go to Then click on: END Is an Issue of Critical Importance to U.S. Poultry Industry (the second item down)
*** Report on END from Jan, 2003. Very good reading! Debunks spreading END in wild birds. Discusses vaccine. The orginal is located at

END FREE - USA (See Country), CA (or other State - See Zone)
OIE - International Animal Health Code - 2002 (Excerpt Only)


CHAPTER 2.1.15.



For the purposes of this Code, the incubation period for Newcastle disease (ND) shall be 21 days.

Standards for diagnostic tests and vaccines are described in the Manual.


ND free country

A country may be considered free from ND when it has been shown that ND has not been present for at least the past 3 years.

This period shall be 6 months after the slaughter of the last affected animal for countries in which a stamping-out policy is practised with or without vaccination against ND.


ND infected zone

A zone shall be considered as infected with ND until:

1) at least 21 days have elapsed after the confirmation of the last case and the completion of a stamping-out policy and disinfection procedures, or

2) 6 months have elapsed after the clinical recovery or death of the last affected bird if a stamping-out policy was not practised.

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