Original Introduction Message

There has been a recent outbreak of Exotic Newcastle Disease in Southern California. Upon doing investigation to find out more information, we found that it is almost impossible to get facts. This is still true as of October 15, 2002. While the population of birds that have been killed (depopulated) thus far are illegal fighting game cocks, this outbreak, if not contained could effect all birds in the areas. As of October 15, 2002, more than fighting gamecock has been depopulated. Additionally, if containment is not brought under control very rapidly, spreading to others areas is likely. Prohibiting transport of birds by any means to or from the State of California is possible. There are no restrictions in or out of the State as of October 15, 2002. At the present time, no bird gatherings of any sort are allowable in any governmental facilties, such as fair grounds and the like.

Factual information has been kept tightly under wraps because the State fears driving these illegal owners of illegal stock even further underground than they already are. This was personally told to us by a governmental official On October 8, 2002. At this time, we are receiving word that the government is not trying to keep it secret but that the media is not showing interest. This still does not explain the lack of progress reports being made on the CFDA or other government web sites. Since this is such a critical problem, we find that odd but you may draw your own conclusions.
Those who own any birds should be very aware of not only the story as it unfolds but all precautions you can take to protect your own birds. Do not take this lightly! This is deadly with a mortality rate of 90-95%!

First of all, according to CDFA, California Department of Food and Agriculture, there is NO vaccine! Although there is a vaccine against Newcastle Disease, it is NOT effective against Exotic Newcastle Disease. This disease is highly transmissible. Do NOT take your birds out of your homes to any location. Do NOT allow them outdoors. Make a spray bottle of Clorox diluted at a 1:32 ratio and carry this with you in your vehicle and spray at least your shoes before you enter your vehicle and your home or other premise where any birds are kept. Do not simply change shoes since you could be placing your contaminated shoes back into your vehicle. Make yourself aware of any symptoms and report them to the proper authorities immediately.

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