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PLEASE READ:In the wake of the END outbreak and depopulation, some atrocious things have been uncovered. This page is for the purpose of informing the public as to what is really happening. When this page is updated, it will be noted on our MAIN END Page.
Duncan's Birds Die for NOTHING!
Woman's Pet Birds Eradicated
Pet Owners Protest
Carcasses left uncovered in Rialto Landfill - Updated Jan 31, 2003
Tested and Negative Cockatiel Killed by CDFA
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Duncan's Birds Die for NOTHING!
From the Las Vegas Sun, NV
Published February 05, 2003

Necropsies recently conducted on 60 birds from that area -- owned by Jill Duncan, the most vocal critic of the eradication process -- found no signs of disease.

Duncan contended that all of the birds should have been tested first in order to spare healthy ones, but authorities obtained a court order to euthanize her birds Saturday.

Thain said the 215 federal and state agents who are conducting the eradication process have no choice but to destroy all birds -- healthy or otherwise -- in the infected area.

"We had to look at the one-kilometer area around the (original infected) site to address all potential exposure," Thain said. "In that process, normal, healthy birds are destroyed to ensure that the disease does not get out of the area, so we can save the larger population of healthy birds."

NOTE: A depopulated neighbor of Duncan's had an indoor parrot which was not killed. Using the presumption made by Thain, this makes no sense whatsoever. This is hypocracy and spin-doctoring at its worst.

To have denied Duncan any testing before slaughtering her birds, some of which she had owned and loved for over 20 years, is absolutely unconscionable.

If we find a person with Small Pox, do we just kill all those around them in a one kilometer area, whether they are sick or not so that we can save the larger population of healthy people?

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." - Mohandas Ghandhi (1869-1948)

The combined forces of the USDA and the State of Nevada show this nation to be sadly lacking in both of these attributes.

Please READ this - (LINK)
See Original Information on Duncan BELOW

Woman's Pet Birds Eradicated
From the Las Vegas Review-Journal, NV
Published February 03, 2003

Trying to thwart a potential poultry crisis, USDA workers arrived at Duncan's home on Saturday afternoon with a court order and fatally gassed 64 of her domesticated chickens, ducks and geese, she said.

Duncan said none of her animals appeared to be sick. She said the agency declined to test the animals for the disease because it would have been too costly. She was the only one of 82 owners to challenge USDA officials to get a court order for their mission.

On Saturday, she sat by and watched her pets die.

Please READ this - (LINK)
See Prior Media Stories on Jill Duncan, some with pictures - Go to (Link) and Search for duncan to find them.

Pet Owners Protest Tactics used in END Battle
From the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, CA
Published January 28, 2003

"Part of the problem is that they do not have to be infected for us to euthanize them" says Rico!
Bird are screaming while being killed due to the HORRIBLE and painful death using CO2.
Please READ this - (LINK)
See Further Info on this in Links to Horror Stories Below (Link)

Dead Carcasses Strewn on the Ground
From the Press-Enterprise, San Bernardino, CA Edition
Published January 18, 2003

State Officials, Specialist Decry Disposal of Poultry - Carcasses Strewn on the Ground! Burial conducted in flagrant violation of Federal Regulations!
Please READ this - (LINK)
CDFA Response in the Press-Enterprise of Jan 22, 2003 at same link.
Another follow up story of Jan 31, 2003 at same link.

Negative Cockatiel KILLED by CDFA
From the San Gabriel Valley Tribune
Published December 30, 2002

Officials showed up and killed a pet cockatiel who had tested negative for END.
Please READ this - (LINK)

Pet Birds Killed with NO TESTING and NO KILL Order
New Link on this Site
Web Page Published December 26, 2002

Officials showed up and killed pet birds with no kill warrant. This must be read. The story is in two parts:
Newcastle News - (LINK)
Newcastle Update - (LINK)

Woman's Pet Birds Eradicated
Pet Owners Protest
Carcasses left uncovered in Rialto Landfill - Updated Jan 31, 2003
Tested and Negative Cockatiel Killed by CDFA
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