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DISCLAIMER: We have encountered disbelievers who do not believe that the State of California slaughtered many healthy breeder and pet birds in the 1970's. We apologize but have had to remove links to information since some of the information contained there has been found to be incorrect. That does not negate the fact that indeed many exotic birds were killed nor the fact that healthy ones were also killed.
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1 - Excerpt from United States Animal Health Association
Full Article REF http://www.usaha.org/history/judea.html
Exotic Newcastle Disease -- In November 1971, velogenic viscerotropic Newcastle disease, introduced in imported psittacine birds, was diagnosed in a backyard flock of 100 birds in Fontana, 50 miles east of Los Angeles, Calif.
The immediate reaction to the California epizootic was the tried and proved cooperative state-federal control and eradication program. But in January 1972, California exhausted its indemnity funds, and depopulation of flocks ceased. The infection continued to advance.
On March 14, 1972, the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture declared a national emergency, and a cooperative state-federal task force was organized. The USDA personnel from 49 states and Puerto Rico were brought in to join personnel from the California Department of Agriculture. In addition. veterinarians from the U.S. Department of Defense were called in to help. At full force, the task force contained some 1,300 personnel with a headquarters unit and six county units operating over a 45,000-square-mile quarantine area.
Almost 12 million poultry and birds of all types were destroyed, and $56 million was spent to eradicate exotic Newcastle disease. The continuing cost to the United States if the disease had not been eradicated was estimated at $230 million/year. During this program, the Secretary of Agriculture declared an "extraordinary emergency," a procedure never before taken in the history of U.S. agriculture.

2 - CA END in 1998
The last outbreak of END in California was detected on June 7, 1998. The estimated date of first infection was May 23, 1998. It was on a single location which had game chickens. No commercial poultry or other locations were involved. 48 gamefowl died in total.

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Excerpt USAHA - Above
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