Risk Assessment Flyers

March, 2003
Risk Assessment Flyer (Email Address Only) - DOC    Format

Risk Assessment Flyer (Email Address Only)- HTML Format

Risk Assessment Flyer (Email and Phone* Info) - DOC    Format

Risk Assessment Flyer (Email and Phone* Info)- HTML Format

Risk Assessment Flyer (Email and Phone* Info)- PDF    Format
* CDFA Phone Info
NOTE: PLEASE help us spread the word about possible risk assessments for people with pet birds who are keeping them enclosed. We need to reach as many places as we can with these flyers. The formatted one is in DOC format for easy printing. There is also one in HTML format for those of you who cannot read DOC files. Please print one out and have copies made in a bright color, like yellow, for example. Distribute them to pet stores, vet offices, feed stores, where ever you can think of. Please try to give them about a dozen and ask them to not only post it but also hand it out and make more copies. We need to reach as many people in Southern California as we can with this. Help SAVE birds lives!
When they email risk@cocka2.com, they will receive back a link to the most current information available and further links. The page they will be given is Risk Assessment Information and the email response to them is automated and almost immediate. No information will be retained whatsoever on the persons who send email and their email can say anything at all and the information will still get to them. We set it up this way to take care of any possible future changes in both Policy and/or links to other sites.
Our deepest thanks to Sharon for making this flyer for us!

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