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ODA issues emergency quarantine on birds from areas affected by Exotic Newcastle Disease
January 17, 2003

The Oregon Department of Agriculture has issued an emergency quarantine that bans the importation of birds and materials from all areas affected by an outbreak of Exotic Newcastle Disease. The deadly avian disease was diagnosed in domestic poultry in Los Angeles County and later spread to several California commercial egg-laying facilities. It has since been confirmed in Nevada.

"Exotic Newcastle Disease is not a public health threat, but the spread of the disease from California into a neighboring western state indicates an urgent need for upgrading our importation rules to protect Oregon's avian industries," says state veterinarian Dr. Andrew Clark. "Failure to prevent incursion of Exotic Newcastle Disease would have potentially enormous negative effects on our commercial poultry and backyard flocks, reaching into multiple millions of dollars. We do not want the disease in Oregon."

Oregon's action bans the importation of birds and related materials from areas already under federal or state quarantine for Exotic Newcastle Disease. That includes at least eight California counties and the latest reported area of Nevada. No live or dead bird of any type that could transmit the disease may be moved into Oregon from areas under quarantine. The ban also covers poultry products, poultry waste, vehicles, equipment, and other materials that could transmit the disease. In addition, Oregon's quarantine requires birds of any species which originate in states where Exotic Newcastle Disease has been confirmed to be accompanied by a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection and an Oregon import permit number. The certificate must be issued by an accredited veterinarian within 24 hours prior to entry. It must state that the birds are healthy, free of any signs of the disease, and do not originate from a quarantined area.

Exotic Newcastle Disease is a highly contagious virus that causes respiratory symptoms, diarrhea, paralysis, drop in egg production, and death in birds. It is spread by contact with infected birds or materials contaminated with the virus. The mortality rate among affected birds is very high. There is no known cure of the disease. Exposed flocks are destroyed in order to keep the disease from spreading.

ODA is working with poultry industry groups, domestic poultry owners, and pet bird fanciers in communicating the serious threat caused by Exotic Newcastle Disease and is asking for their cooperation to help prevent the disease from entering Oregon. The emergency quarantine is effective immediately and will remain in effect for 180 days.

For more information, contact Dr. Andrew Clark at (503) 986-4760.

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