Media Coverage
October, 2002

DISCLAIMER: This page states what we have found as far as media coverage is concerned and also lists media sites where we have found nothing whatsoever (See Older News). The absence of media coverage until late October, 2002 was frightening to say the least. If you have any verifiable media coverage links that you can add please send email. Please check to be sure we don't have the story already! Thank you!
Media Reporting:

Media Coverage October 22-31, 2002
LA Times - Los Angeles - October 23, 2002 LA Times
CNN - News - October 22, 2002 CNN News
Older News - Prior to October 22, 2002 Older News
In late October, 2002, media reporting finally hit all over the US! By then, the END outbreak was off and running. We needed swifter action in order to prevent the deplorable situation that now faces California in trying to contain and stop further spread of this deadly virus. It certainly loooks as if the CNN report started the ball rolling at long last. Prior to that report, not even the Los Angeles Times had mentione END! Deplorable indeed!

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