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There are many pages on the Internet which are excellent resources for information about West Nile Virus. Our intention at Cocka2.Com is not to duplicate the efforts that have been made but to provide you with as many links as possible in order to educate yourself about this disease.
In 2002, only 4 of the continental United States were totally free of WNV cases, either human or avian or animal (OR, NV, UT and AZ). During the warm summer months, this disease may continue to involve even more locations.  It is important to prepare now in order to recognize the symptoms and mosquito-proof yourself and your birds and animals against this disease.
The CDC says "West Nile virus is spread by the bite of an infected mosquito. The virus can infect people, horses, many types of birds, and some other animals."  Additionally, "the hours from dusk to dawn are peak mosquito biting times."  Those with animals and aviaries outdoors are most at risk, while people should use mosquito repellant.
Consider all sources of standing water as potential breeding grounds for mosquitos. Make yourself aware of any local mosquito abatement program in your community. Be certain that your property has no places for mosquitos to breed and report any dead birds to your local agencies.


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