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Leroy M. Coffman, D.V.M. State Veterinarian, Director
Joe W. Kight, Assistant Director
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From the desk of 
the State Veterinarian of Florida  
April 10, 2003


Due to the recent outbreak of Exotic Newcastle Disease in accordance to Chapter 5C-3.002(2) and 5C-3.012(2), the State of Florida will not be permitting or otherwise granting permission for the importation of any poultry, chicks, turkeys, quail, pheasants, pigeons, peafowl, waterfowl, pet birds and other domestic fowl used for commercial, exhibition, breeding or personal use originating from the following states:

California    Nevada     
Arizona       Texas

Effective immediately, we are requesting that any/all of the above referenced domestic/non-domestic fowl or their by-products from the above states attempting to enter Florida be denied access.

You will be notified in the event any other state(s) become affected by Exotic Newcastle Disease and will need to be added to this memorandum.

If you need further assistance with this matter, please contact our Division office during the day at 850-410-0900.

                                                                  Leroy M. Coffman, DVM
                                                                  State Veterinarian, 
                                                                  Director, Division of Animal Industry