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Emergency Management Warning 1

Exotic Newcastle Disease (END) Confirmed in a Backyard Flock in the State of Nevada

END has been confirmed in a backyard flock in Las Vegas, NV. The State has already instituted a quarantine of all of Clark County and portions of Nye County. The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) and the State of Nevada have begun surveillance efforts of the backyard bird population and have begun efforts to establish a Task Force in Nevada. The affected backyard flock will be depopulated. There are no commercial flocks in Nevada.

Subsequent Emergency Management Warnings regarding this Nevada situation will be included in the daily Emergency Management Warnings updating the California END situation.

Please forward this information to your Federal, State, and industry counterparts as necessary.


Emergency Management Issue is for information with no impact on APHIS
Emergency Management Notice is an ongoing incident with potential impact on APHIS
Emergency Management Warning is an ongoing incident with almost certain impact on APHIS

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For More Information

California END Hotline 800-491-1899

To contact APHIS Veterinary Services' Emergency Program Staff, call 301-734-8073, 800-940-6524 or email

California Department of Food and Agriculture